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Rason offers visitors a wonderful opportunity to experience North Korea in unique ways unavailable elsewhere in the country, and Krahun is organizing its most popular tour for anyone to join. As a vibrant city of close to 200,000 people with mountains on one side and the ocean on the other, a trip to Rason allows guests to experience authentic, everyday North Korean life in ways unique only to Rason. Only in Rason can guests visit the main market and openly haggle with vendors while shoulder to shoulder with a sea of locals; no other city in North Korea offers the same opportunity. The market is large and bustling with activity, giving guests an eye-opening window into North Korean life. Guests can also visit a number of schools to get up close and personal with students, whether it be the foreign language middle school where guests can speak English with students, or a local sports academy where guests can play soccer with students.

As the only tour company actually located in North Korea, Krahun has the longest history of bringing in guests to Rason long before tourism even officially started in the region. With our headquarters located in Rason, guests will have a chance to visit and tour our company, which sits on several acres overlooking the ocean, and enjoy a sit-down meal with us as we share our unique perspective of the country. Guests can also visit other foreign companies in the region, which is exclusive to Krahun and based on our long-standing personal relationships in the region. And because we are physically located here, guests can also enjoy other exclusive activities such as bike rides along the coast on Krahun bikes stored at our headquarters.

Sample Itinerary

Guests may visit for as little as 2 nights, 3 days and as long as several weeks. Because of our long-standing relationships with the local tourism bureau in Rason, we can work with guests to customize their itinerary. Below is a sample itinerary for a 4 night, 5 day tour.


Off to North Korea!


Your tour begins! We depart Yanji in the morning by private chartered bus. It’s a 2 hour drive to the China-DPRK border and we drive through several other cities along the way. After being personally led through the border by one of our Krahun staff members, we head to downtown Rason and enjoy lunch at the Rason International Trade Agency.


After lunch, we visit a foreign language book store and souvenir shop where guests have a chance to see and even buy DPRK books written in other languages, including English. Then we’re off to a local kindergarten to watch an entertaining musical performance by the students.  Afterwards, guests visit mosaic portraits of President Kim Il Sung and General Kim Jong Il. Then it’s off to a greenhouse to see and learn more about the Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il flowers. Before heading back to the hotel, guests visit Rajin Port to see and learn more about an important part of Rason’s development and future. The day comes to a close with dinner and rest at the hotel.


Exploring Rason


After breakfast, guests explore more of Rason. A visit to Daehung Trading Company, largest state-run seafood processing factory in the region, provides a unique window into the local economy here. Then it’s off to hang out at Hye Ahn Park, located near the center of the city and a frequent gathering spot for locals, especially during holidays. Guests can soak in the sights and sounds of the park, joining a volleyball game with locals, watching North Korean families and kids enjoy a movie on the big, outdoor screen, go rollerblading, or, if lucky, join other locals dancing to some local jams! Before lunch, guests visit the local art gallery to check out DPRK artwork that can also be purchased.


After lunch at a local Korean restaurant, guests visit the foreign language middle school where students learn one of several languages, including English. Guests have a wonderful opportunity to visit a classroom and talk to students learning English in a small group setting. Next, guests visit the Golden Triangle Bank and have the option of exchanging currency for North Korean won, which can even be used later. Then it’s time to hit the main market and shopping area in town, the only opportunity in the whole country where foreigners are actually allowed to visit and shop where the locals shop, a truly unique and eye-opening experience. Walk around, haggle with vendors, and move among a sea of locals for a truly local experience! To end the day, guests visit a state-run sewing factory before returning back to the hotel for dinner and rest.


Exploring Rason


Weather permitting, guests start the morning off with a rare chance to bike along the beautiful eastern coastline to our headquarters with our own company bikes. With the ocean on the left, guests will ride through villages and farmland while school children and farmers wave as you ride by. The optional bike ride is an incredible opportunity to get up close and personal with everyday life in North Korea, and is the only bike ride of its kind in the entire country! Upon reaching our headquarters, guests take a tour of our farm and learn more about our history in the country.


After enjoying a wonderful home-cooked meal in our dining hall with an ocean view, guests travel to nearby Chujin Beach for the sand and the waves. Then it’s on to Bipa Island for fascinating scenery amidst the ocean waters with an optional boat ride to visit the only seal preserve in the entire country. After a quick stop at the Emperor Casino Hotel, which is operated by Hong Kong based company, guests head back to the hotel for dinner and rest.

people riding bicycles


Exploring Rason


After breakfast, guests visit the revolutionary war museum for a guided tour. Then it’s off to hike Mount Sahyang, an easy to moderate hike with several historical artifacts from the early 1900s dotting the landscape. From the top of the mountain, guests enjoy beautiful, unobstructed views of Rason.


Guests get to try another restaurant in downtown Rajin before heading off to the local sports academy. Here, guests view young students in action and also have the chance to join in on a pickup soccer game with the students! Then guests visit various other foreign companies in the region – a Krahun exclusive – to learn more about the local economy and hear about experiences living and working in the country. Before calling it a day, guests visit the local taekwondo school for a wonderful demonstration by its young students.


Final Farewell


Guests enjoy a final breakfast at the hotel before heading off to see a few more sites before leaving the country. Guests visit the revolutionary site of Comrade Kim Jong Suk (the mother of Kim Jong Il) and then the tri-country border point where Russia, China and North Korea meet, which also contains the General Ri Sun Shin “turtle boat” memorial.


While overlooking the three countries, guests enjoy a lunch picnic and then head to the China-DPRK border. Guests say their final farewells to their tour guides and to North Korea at the border point in Wonjong before taking a private chartered van back to Yanji. The tour concludes with a debrief dinner in Yanji.

Customizing Your Tour

The first step to customizing your tour is as simple as filling out the form below.  Even if you’re not certain of the dates, tour length, or number of people, go ahead and tell us of your interest and what you’re looking for in the form below.  The tables provide tour prices, and you can select options for both legs to see the total price.  If you’re not yet sure about the length of your tour or the number of people, no selection is required at this time.

2 nights, 3 days
$750 $550 $475 $425
2 people 3-5 people 6-9 people 10+ people
3 nights, 4 days
$875 $625 $550 $500
2 people 3-5 people 6-9 people 10+ people
4 nights, 5 days
$1,025 $725 $625 $575
2 people 3-5 people 6-9 people 10+ people
5 nights, 6 days
$1,150 $825 $700 $650
2 people 3-5 people 6-9 people 10+ people
6 nights, 7 days
$1,275 $925 $775 $725
2 people 3-5 people 6-9 people 10+ people
7 nights, 8 days
$1,425 $1,075 $825 $775
2 people 3-5 people 6-9 people 10+ people
8 nights, 9 days
$1,550 $1,175 $950 $825
2 people 3-5 people 6-9 people 10+ people
9 nights, 10 days
$1,650 $1,275 $1,050 $875
2 people 3-5 people 6-9 people 10+ people
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Some Things to Keep in Mind

The China-DPRK border is typically closed on Sundays and so tours cannot start or end on that day.

The border is closed on major North Korean holidays and so tours cannot start or end on these days. Please contact us for more information to confirm possible tour dates.

Rason tours require a minimum of 2 people and should be scheduled one month before the first day of tour

Tours longer than 10 days are possible!  Please contact us at for longer tours.

Whether you’re in the early stages of simply contemplating a tour or ready to register and finalize, you can begin by filling out the form above.  Once we confirm your tour dates, we’ll help guide you through the registration process for your tour.  You can also email us at with any questions.

Included in Tour Fee

  • DPRK visa fee and processing
  • China customs fee and bridge transportation
  • Round-trip transportation from China and DPRK
  • Hotel accommodation in DPRK
  • 3 meals per day in DPRK
  • All transportation in DPRK
  • Two DPRK tour guides
  • One DPRK driver
  • Standard tips for DPRK tour guides and driver
  • De-brief meal after tour

Not Included in Tour Fee

  • China visa fee and processing
  • Travel expenses to and from China
  • Spending money for drinks and souvenirs in DPRK
  • Transportation, meals, and accommodation in China
  • Travel insurance or medical evacuation insurance (not required but recommended)
  • Entrance fees for special events, if applicable