Special Tours

Krahun Tree Planting
Service Trip


Krahun is excited to invite visitors to the DPRK for a special service opportunity!  In Spring 2014, Krahun organized the first ever tree planting service project in North Korea, offering visitors a rare opportunity to plant trees in the northeastern region of North Korea.  We’re proud to say that our visitors planted 4000 trees then and thousands more the following year!  This service trip is one of our most popular tours, and the only tour of its kind in North Korea. Come join us to provide a service that tangibly benefits the local environment for generations.  We will partner with the local Forestry Bureau once again to offer visitors this unique experience.

Visitors will also have the option to ride bicycles to/from the hotel to Krahun Farm, our headquarters (near the tree planting site).  Our visitors are the first foreigners given permission to ride bicycles along the beautiful, scenic 6-kilometer (one-way) ride along the coastline.

In addition to providing a valuable service, visitors will also tour Rason and enjoy the sights and sounds of the area: visit foreign-run companies and meet their presidents (exclusive for Krahun guests), visit the only open market in the country where foreigners can shop for local goods using the Korean won, tour the strategic ice-free Rajin Port, and more!

We are also offering an exciting 5-day Pyongyang Add-On Option!  April 15, 2016 marks the 104rd birthday anniversary of the former leader Kim Il Sung and is one of the biggest holidays in the DPRK, making this the perfect time to visit the capital.  Guests will have a chance to witness first-hand Pyongyang’s grand celebrations and festivities and even join the mass dances.  In addition to the celebrations, guests will see many of Pyongyang’s famous monuments and explore other cities in the region such as Kaesong, Sariwon, and Hamhung.

Krahun Tree Planting Service Trip

April 6, 2016 – April 12, 2016
(6 nights, 7 days)

Tree Planting Service Trip & Kim Il Sung Birthday Pyongyang Add-On

April 6, 2016 – April 16, 2016
(10 nights, 11 days)

Application Deadline:  March 9, 2106

*Visitors should be in Yanji, China by April 5 for a mandatory pre-trip orientation.

April 6


Off to North Korea!


Your tour begins!  We depart Yanji in the morning by private chartered bus.  It’s a 2 hour drive to the China-DPRK border and we drive through several other cities along the way.  After being personally led through the border by one of our Krahun staff members, we head to downtown Rason and enjoy lunch at the Rason International Trade Agency.


After lunch, we visit a foreign language book store and souvenir shop where guests have a chance to see and even buy DPRK books written in other languages, including English.  Then we’re off to a local kindergarten to watch an entertaining musical performance by the students.  Afterwards, guests visit mosaic portraits of President Kim Il Sung and General Kim Jong Il.  Then it’s off to a greenhouse to see and learn more about the Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il flowers.  Before heading back to the hotel, guests visit Rajin Port to see and learn more about an important part of Rason’s development and future.  The day comes to a close with dinner and rest at the hotel.

April 7-9

Thursday to Saturday

Tree Planting Days


After breakfast at the hotel, it’s time to plant trees! Guests head to the hills where an official from the local Forestry Bureau guides our guests on the proper way to plant trees. Then guests spend the morning planting trees.


We take a break for lunch hosted at our headquarters and prepared by our in-house staff, and guests are free to rest for as long as they want. During this time, guests also have the freedom to roam our farm, shoot some hoops, or enjoy some coffee with our staff members. There is an afternoon tree planting session before calling it a day. Guests head back to the hotel to enjoy dinner and some much deserved rest and relaxation.

April 10


A Visit to Krahun


In the morning, guests have the option of enjoying an incredible bike ride along the country’s coast!  With our own Krahun bikes, guests ride through villages and locals who often wave back and smile.  The ride ends at our headquarters where we give a tour of our facilities and farm.


Guests enjoy a home-cooked meal prepared by our staff members in our dining hall with views of the ocean.  After lunch, it’s off to an afternoon session of touring that includes a visit to Bipa Island off the coast to explore great ocean views.  The island offers an optional boat ride for fee to visit the only seal sanctuary in the country.  Afterwards, we make a stop at the five-star Emperor Casino Hotel, built and operated by a Hong Kong based company, before returning to the hotel for dinner.

April 11


Exploring Rason


After breakfast, guests explore more of Rason.  A visit to Daehung Trading Company, largest state-run seafood processing factory in the region, provides a unique window into the local economy here.  Then it’s off to hang out at Hye Ahn Park, located near the center of the city and a frequent gathering spot for locals, especially during holidays.  Guests can soak in the sights and sounds of the park, joining a volleyball game with locals, watching North Korean families and kids enjoy a movie on the big, outdoor screen, go rollerblading, or, if lucky, join other locals dancing to some local jams!  Before lunch, guests visit the local art gallery to check out DPRK artwork that can also be purchased.


After lunch at a local Korean restaurant, guests visit the foreign language middle school where students learn one of several languages, including English.  Guests have a wonderful opportunity to visit a classroom and talk to students learning English in a small group setting.  Next, guests visit the Golden Triangle Bank and have the option of exchanging currency for North Korean won, which can even be used later.  Then it’s time to hit the main market and shopping area in town, the only opportunity in the whole country where foreigners are actually allowed to visit and shop where the locals shop, a truly unique and eye-opening experience.  Walk around, haggle with vendors, and move among a sea of locals for a truly local experience!  To end the day, guests visit a state-run sewing factory before returning back to the hotel for dinner and rest.

April 12


Final Farewell for Rason Only Guests


Guests not moving on to Pyongyang enjoy a final breakfast at the hotel before heading off to see a few more sites before leaving the country.  Guests visit the revolutionary site of Comrade Kim Jong Suk (the mother of Kim Jong Il) and then the tri-country border point where Russia, China and North Korea meet, which also contains the General Ri Sun Shin “turtle boat” memorial.


While overlooking the three countries, guests enjoy a lunch picnic and then head to the China-DPRK border.  Guests say their final farewells to their tour guides and to North Korea at the border point in Wonjong before taking a private chartered van back to Yanji.  The tour concludes with a debrief dinner in Yanji.

Optional Pyongyang Add-On

April 12


Rason to Pyongyang Via Domestic Flight


For guests who select the Pyongyang Add-On option, after breakfast guests travel to Orang Airport located outside of Chongjin and hop on an afternoon flight to Pyongyang Sunan International Airport aboard the Air Koyro, North Korea’s only airline for over 50 years.


Guests arrive in Pyongyang and are greeted at the airport by their local North Korean tour guides for their tour, who help guests check in at the Yanggakdo Hotel, one of Pyongyang’s largest hotels.  On route to the hotel, guests visit the Arch of Triumph, the largest triumphal arch in the world and modeled after the Arc de Triomphe in Paris before checking in.  Then it’s off to visit the Mansudae Grand Monument, which famously includes large bronze statues of Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il, before returning to the hotel for dinner and rest.

April 13


Exploring Mount Myohyang and Pyongyang


After breakfast at the hotel, guests are off to explore Mount Myohyang, filled with beautiful hills, hiking trails, and waterfalls, named after the shapes and fragrances found throughout the area and designated as a world “biosphere reserve” by UNESCO.  In addition to the beautiful scenery, guests visit the International Friendship Exhibition, which houses the collection of gifts presented to Kim Il Sung in over 150 rooms, and Pohyon Temple, a Buddhist temple founded in the 11th century and designated as a national treasure by North Korea.


After lunch, it’s back to Pyongyang where guests visit Mangyongdae Native House, the birthplace of Kim Il Sung.  Then guests head to the Pyongyang Metro for a special ride on the deepest subway system in the world and a great opportunity to interact with locals and even practice Korean for those who want to try it out.  After emerging from the subway, it’s off to the Juche Tower which stands at 560 feet (170 meters) and even offers an optional ride to the top for fantastic views of Pyongyang.

April 14


Visit to Kaesong and the DMZ


Then guests drive approximately 2 hours south to Kaesong, a historic city near the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) and the second special economic zone in the country.  Guests visit the DMZ between North and South Korea and Panmunjom, where the agreement ending the Korean War was signed.  A local North Korean in the military provides a tour and will even take pictures with guests.  A tour of the Koryo Museum offers a quick history of the area where guests can also pick up stamps and postcards at the Koryo Stamp Shop.


Guests take a short drive to the Tomb of King Kongmin which is the burial site of the 31st monarch of the ancient Koryo Dynasty, also designated as a national treasure by the country.  Then guests visit the Concrete Wall dividing the peninsula and offering views of South Korea.  Guests head back to Pyongyang for dinner and rest.

April 15


Birthday Celebration Day


Guests start the day with a visit to Kumsusan Palace of the Sun where the leaders Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il lie instate.  Visits to the Revolutionary Martyrs’ Cemetery, where each grave contains a bronze bust, and Foreign Language Bookshop where guests can purchase DPRK books and movies.


After lunch, guests head to the Victorious Fatherland Liberation War Museum and the USS Pueblo, where guests learn about the Korean War from the North Korean perspective and visit the US Navy ship captured in 1968.  Guests head to the Schoolchildren’s Palace to enjoy an art performance by local students.  Guests walk through the heart of the city, Kim Il Sung Square, and enjoy locals relaxing at Moranbong Park, a favorite of locals and especially popular during holidays where locals dance.  Guests enjoy a mass dance in Kim Il Sung Square and other festivities and pageantry.

April 16


Back to China


Guests head to the airport to catch a morning flight back to Beijing on Koryo Air to conclude the tour.

Some Things to Keep in Mind

Tours are guaranteed to run with a minimum of three people

Guest may also add a Chongjin-Mt. Chilbo leg to the Rason-only portion of this tour.  Please contact us for more information.

Included in Tour Fee

  • DPRK visa fee and processing
  • China customs fee and bridge transportation
  • Round-trip transportation from China and DPRK
  • Hotel accommodation in DPRK every night
  • 3 meals per day in DPRK
  • All transportation in DPRK
  • Two DPRK tour guides
  • One DPRK driver
  • Standard tips for DPRK tour guides and driver
  • De-brief meal after tour
  • All necessary tools and equipment for tree planting

Not Included in Tour Fee

  • China visa fee and processing
  • Travel expenses to and from China
  • Spending money for drinks and souvenirs in DPRK
  • Transportation, meals, and accommodation in China
  • Travel insurance or medical evacuation insurance (not required but recommended)
  • Entrance fees for special events, if applicable
Frequently Asked Questions
Why plant trees?

It’s part beautification, part long-term investment.  The North Koreans plant trees every spring, and we want to join in on their efforts to help beautify the land and make a positive contribution for future generations.  We believe this will be a positive, eye-opening experience for both Koreans and foreigners.

What kind of trees will I be planting?

We will be planting larch trees (a type of evergreen, similar to pine tree).  The local Forestry Bureau will provide the tree saplings.

I’ve never planted trees before – what should I bring?

Officials from the Forestry Bureau will come teach the visitors how to plant trees properly.  Krahun will provide the necessary tools and gloves.  Bring comfortable shoes and clothes that you don’t mind getting dirty.

Do I need to be physically fit?

While there is no quota to be met — meaning visitors can plant at their own pace — tree planting involves physical work.  Visitors can expect a lot of digging, crouching, and walking up and down hills.

The optional bicycle ride to/from the hotel to Krahun Farm (which is near the tree planting site) is a beautiful ride and you will see other local Koreans and villages along the way.  However, it is a challenging, hilly route and the road is a countryside dirt road.  Everyone is welcome to try the ride, but there will be a van available for those who wish to enjoy the scenic ride from a more comfortable seat.