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We offer our guests an unparalleled experience unavailable elsewhere. Looking for more substantive, meaningful interactions with North Korean locals? Hoping to experience authentic, everyday North Korean culture? Krahun can help because North Korea isn’t just a destination, it’s our home. Let Krahun help you with the experience of a lifetime as we have for countless others.


The only tour company actually located in North Korea


Having called North Korea home since 1999, what does that mean for you? Not only the most authentic window into the country, but a personal touch made possible by our presence and long history here – the Krahun Difference.

Our presence doesn’t stop at the border.

With our headquarters in North Korea and an office in China, we are there for you. From China to North Korea and North Korea back to China, every guest is personally accompanied by our staff across the border when entering and exiting the country.

Always accessible and close by.

While excellent North Korean tour guides lead you around the region, we check in regularly to make sure your trip is going smoothly so that you can feel confident and secure. We can call the guides and they can call us, and we can hop in our car to visit and see how things are going. Have a sudden question or request while here? We can respond in-country from our headquarters as we are always nearby and accessible.

Unmatched partnership with locals.

We work directly with the North Korean tourism bureau and your North Korean tour guides – in North Korea – to plan your perfect tour. Years of working directly with our local counterparts have engendered trust, mutual respect, and unprecedented flexibility and freedom.

We play host.

We are on the itinerary! Krahun guests visit our headquarters, situated on acres overlooking the ocean, and enjoy a cup of coffee and a meal prepared by our in-house staff. Guests tour our farm and facilities, learn more about what life is like living and working in North Korea, and get a unique perspective of the country.

We offer exclusive access.

Our long history here – and the relationships we’ve developed – allows us to offer you opportunities and privileges afforded only to Krahun guests, such as our innovative service tours, bike rides along the coast, and visits to other companies in the region.

We invest our profits in the community.

We reinvest a portion of our business revenue into new business ventures and projects inside the country. So our tours benefit the local community in more ways than one.


Volunteer work in North Korea? It’s possible with Krahun. Krahun is one of the first and only companies offering truly groundbreaking service opportunities in the country. These incredible, unprecedented volunteer projects allow you to engage with local North Koreans in deeply meaningful and practical ways. The work is not fake or made-up just for tourists, but guests help locals with real work in real ways that’s not only useful, but symbolic in significant ways.

Check out and join one of our service tours

and play an important role in building bridges.

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KrahunSaturday, February 6th, 2016 at 2:44pm
Volunteer work? North Korea? As mentioned earlier, one of our most popular tours is coming up this April: tree planting in North Korea! Started in 2014, guests come to not only tour the region, but to also lend a valuable hand by planting trees in the DPRK mountains. The special trip offers a rare and unprecedented opportunity to volunteer in real and meaningful ways in the country. Families with kids, students, teams and groups, individuals - all are welcome to join this rare opportunity! Dates: April 6-12, Price: $775 per person.

More info: http://krahun.com/index.php/krahun-tree-planting-service-trip/
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Krahun added 2 new photos.Friday, January 29th, 2016 at 3:47am
Exhibition for goods produced domestically started on 1/27 at the Rajin Market in keeping with the new year's push from the highest authority to make and buy domestic. While vast majority of the cooking oil consumed in DPRK is imported, we've been pressing oil domestically before this edict. In the same way, we've been hosting tree planting tours even before the directive from the leader of DPRK was announced. This year's tree planting service trip starts on April 6th. Goto the revamped www.krahun.com to join us on April 6th and experience the Krahun difference.
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Krahun added 2 new photos.Wednesday, January 27th, 2016 at 4:05am
Americans are not allowed to take the train from Sinuiju to Pyongyang. Americans cannot study Korean at a university in DPRK. There are currently 15 westerners enrolled in an intensive Korean Language Program taught by the head of the Korean Language Department of Kim Il Sung University assisted by another professor from the department. A Russian major graduate from Kim Il Sung Univ and an English major graduate from the Foreign Language Univ in Pyongyang are assisting as tutors. Four Americans traveled to Pyongyang via train from Sinuiju. The Krahun difference. If you are interested in enrolling at Kim Il Sung University starting next semester (April 2016) to study Korean please contact us.
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KrahunWednesday, January 20th, 2016 at 4:21pm
We're thrilled to introduce our new, revamped website! The website tells our story and history in the country in more detail, from our start in 1999 to our current operations. It also introduces our 5 special tours for 2016, which center around 4 exclusive service opportunities offering guests a rare chance to come plant trees in April, plant rice in May, cultivate rice in July, or harvest rice in October - all in the DPRK. Real work, real impact.

Check out our new site and we hope to host you here in 2016! www.krahun.com
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KrahunWednesday, January 13th, 2016 at 5:35pm
This may be the only book on law that is not just informative, but entertaining. We defer the final assessment to our VP, the resident corporate lawyer.
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